Friday, September 18, 2009

Michael Schenker Group, Pontypridd, 170909

What a fantastic night with mad Mickey Schenker and the boys in the unusual surroundings of the Pontypridd Munical Arts Theatre, one of only two dates in the UK on this tour.

What a superb little venue, good bar, £1.50 for a cappuchino (!), £2.50 for a pint (better).

2 support bands (Local Hero & Skin) and then down to the main event

We had a few new numbers, but in the main it was a step back to the early 1980s era of MSG, not surprising with Gary back on vocals.

It was all there guys (not in order):

Armed and Ready
Ready To Rock
Into The Arena
Attack Of The Mad Axeman (video clip, intro only)
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
On And On (video clip)
Cry For The Nations
Lost Horizons (video clip)

and of course, an encore including the timeless UFO classics:
Rock Bottom and
Doctor Doctor.

Some pics

MSG rock Ponty - didn't think I'd ever write that

MSG: 2009 style

Chris & Schenker

and again

Bringing the house down

No, we thank you Mr Schenker

and see you soon.
There's some more great clips posted by this dude.

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