Sunday, September 20, 2009

Glamorgan draw with Gloucestershire 16th - 19th September

More last ball agony for Glamorgan as for the 2nd week running they failed to take the last opposition wicket (scorecard, report)
This draw, together with the one from the previous Saturday against Essex, may prove oh so costly in the final analysis. Two victories would have Glamorgan in 2nd place and in the box seat going into the final round of games.
But how good has it been to have two full 4 day fixtures in September sunshine to finish off the home season in Cardiff?
Never mind - only 6 and a half months before it starts all over again!
Crofty: 38 overs on Saturday, and back for more next season @ 40 years old

James Harris explains the decision to declare overnight

Crofty in action

Will Porterfield anchored the Gloucestershire innings

Mark Cosgrove: Will he be back in 2010?
Let's hope so

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