Monday, September 28, 2009

And so the cricket season ends....

It lasts about 6 months these days (I watched my 1st game on April 3rd!), but the domestic cricket season is over.

Taunton in early April...

Glamorgan have shown considerable improvement in 4 day cricket, such that promotion was still on the cards with days of the season left.

Ultimately, Essex gained the 2nd promotion spot, somewhat fortuitously, as pointed out in an earlier post. That said, they did win 6 games compared to Glamorgan's 2.

Glamorgan's batting has improved enormously this season, more batting points than any other side in the division, and 16 centuries scored. This improvement was shown in the last game at the Oval, with several records tumbling (scorecard, report).

Anyway, it's time to put the flask and scorecard away for the winter. Look out for my season review which will be posted shortly over on fans' blog, Third Umpire.

...and Cardiff in late September.

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