Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dave Evans + Triaxis + Buffalo Summer, Odins, Ebbw Vale, 29/06/12

A superb night at Odin's Club in Garnlydan, Ebbw Vale with three excellent bands on the bill.

Buffalo Summer

There's a definite trend at the moment for hard rock bands to base their style on the bluesy rock sound rooted in classic outfits like Free and Led Zep. The Answer do it superbly, Rival Sons are another fine act, and now we can add to the list Buffalo Summer who delivered an excellent opening set, despite having to play when most punters were paying their admission fee and getting the first one in.


Next up were Triaxis, who are working the circuit hard with support slots and their own dates. If you haven't seen them yet, you really must. They are an absolute treat for those who like modern metal with a sound grounded in the riffs and solos of Maiden, Priest, Megadeth and others.

With Krissie on lead vocals and Owen on bass (both above), they have Glyn on lead (below), CJ on rhythm and Giles on drums.

They took the opportunity to showcase material from their much anticipated 2nd album (due real soon), the follow up to 2009's highly acclaimed 'Key To The Kingdom', but also delighted the gathering crowd with set staple 'Lies' and Maiden's 'The Wicker Man', with which you really can't go wrong.

Do check out you tube clips here and here.

CJ, Krissie, Owen (hands and leg only), Glyn (in Maiden mode) and Giles

CJ and Owen

The Triaxis set was really well received and the one or two wise old heads (and not so old) who I spoke to afterwards gave them the thumbs up on their first night seeing the band - which was just as well given how much I've banged on about them.

Dave Evans

And then, to headline, Dave Evans, one time lad of Carmarthen but now very much Aussie and, famously, the original singer in AC/DC. He was backed by his UK Baddasses, who really did kick a..... With 2 members of Fury UK (and they know the way to Ebbw Vale by now) in the line up, the playing was of top order.

As for the set list, he rightly drew on his AC/DC past with 'Can I Sit Next To You Girl?', 'Baby Please Don't Go' and 'Rock 'n' Roll Singer' ("written by Malcom Young about me"). He also rightly introduced the likes of Jailbreak and TNT as Bon Scott numbers as well as doing some of his solo material such as Judgement Day.

It was a blistering set of High Voltage rock 'n' roll (groan), although perhaps it was a bit of a cheek to close with Let There Be Rock and encore with Rosie. But by then, 11.30 on a Friday night, most in the headbanging audience were too 'emotional' to care.

All in all, an excellent night of rock and metal.

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