Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glenn Hughes, Bristol, 121010

I couldn't resist it - I just couldn't. A Tuesday night in Bristol it might have been, but it was well worth the trip to see Glenn Hughes in action again. Playing 'The Fleece' (little more than a pub) is quite a humbling moment for such a big act, but it says something for the man's willingness to take his music to the people.
Set list (to follow)
Muscle And Blood
Touch My Life [fan video ]
Sail Away
You Kill Me
Can't Stop The Flood
Don't Let Me Bleed [my video ]
Keepin' Time
Steppin' On
Soul Mover
Addiction [fan video ]
Burn [fan video ]
Pics of Glenn and guitarist Søren Andersen

All pics (c) the webmaster.

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