Monday, March 9, 2009

Llanelli away

A tough one on Tuesday night - Llanelli away.

One thing is certain. Unless there's marked improvement on Saturday's shambles at Ebbw Vale, then this will be another defeat.

I hope I'm wrong, but last Saturday didn't fill me with much hope for the rest of the season.

Nonetheless, if you read the supporters' forum, we should be having a discussion about the loyalties of supporters and how we should do more for the club, rather than speaking our minds about the dross that was served up on Saturday.

From what I could see, some players have already made up their mind about their loyalties, and are 'working their notice' at Ebbw Vale. I'm not convinced about our coaching set up either. It's March and we can't even secure our own lineout ball, and our second and third phase possession involves hookers and props as first receivers.

I could go on, but I really can't accept that Ebbw Vale's sole role is as a development club for young players. That's a 1 way ticket to Division One East, playing in front of crowds of 120.

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