Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shambles in Antigua!!

What a complete and utter farce in the West Indies, where at the Sir Viv Stadium in Antigua they appear to have throw some grass seed over a sandy beach.
I feel sorry for Viv - an Antiguan (and Glamorgan legend) - whose name is now associated with this debacle.
I see the game is being switched to the Rec - not the one in Tredegar, but the one in St John's - and they hope to start on Sunday, seemingly surrounded by semi-derelict stands.
Mind you, we shouldn't say too much or chuckle just yet. The outfield turf has yet to be laid at Cardiff due to the bad weather, and the Ashes Test is just over 4 months away. Perhaps they'll have to switch that game to Eugene Cross Park.

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