Friday, February 6, 2009

Deep Purple - UK dates November 2009

Deep Purple, probably the greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth, have announced 4 UK dates in November at London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham with the expectation of a few more to come - go on play Newport Centre!
Well, I'm off to Hammersmith Odeon with tickets safely purchased for the stalls.

Purple in Cardiff 25/04/07

I hope they don't fill up the bill with 2 support acts as on recent tours. It just reduces the stage time for Purple. A 2 hour set including some lesser heard tracks would be good.

They ain't youngsters anymore - the band formed in 1967/8 - but we should continue to enjoy Deep Purple whilst we can. They are still masters of the art.

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan rocks the CIA in 2007

Incidently, this must be one of their longest tours in support of an album. The excellent Rapture Of The Deep was released in 2005 and they're still touring with it, which just shows that live music is keeping us all going these days.

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