Monday, November 3, 2008

Ashes 2009 (1)

As widely expected, the 1st 6,000 tickets for the 2009 Ashes test at Cardiff were snapped up in hours today. No doubt many of them will make their way onto the black market.

Thankfully, I'm already in through Glamorgan membership, and we'll be making our own contribution to the banking credit crisis by being there for the 1st four days in the Riverside End, which certainly ain't cheap.

Nonetheless, it's a historic occasion, and judging by the weaknesses in the Australian bowling attack out in India at the moment (no spinner of quality), England can go get them if they get their attitude right.

Clearly they didn't do that in the recent 20 over nonsense in Antigua, and my main concern about the 1st Test is that if certain players catch the media bug of "it shouldn't be in Cardiff" then they may get off to the wrong start in the series.

We shall see.

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