Saturday, November 8, 2008

Airbourne and The Stone Gods

A good value gig, and a trip down memory lane, at the Cardiff University Students Union last Saturday I thought. £12 for 3 bands? Not bad in these recessionary times.

I was firstly surprised at how little the Union had changed - I haven't been in there for 10-12 years. Same Great Hall, same loos, same entrance to what was the Dyfed/Finistere. It was a step back in time, musically as well as geographically maybe?

Opening band, Sound and the Fury, were okay, but a bit of a pub outfit really.

I thought that the Stone Gods (wiki) have more places to go. Formed from the ashes of one album wonders The Darkness, they just have to decide if they want to play the Darkness type stuff like "Im With The Band" or the darker, gothy stuff like "Knight of the Living Dead". Definitely one to watch. Plentiful stage presence, and with a big album to come quite possible.

Airbourne (wiki) certainly have plenty of energy and noise, synchronsied headbanging, and Jack Daniels from the bottle. You could have been transported back to a time when AC/DC were youngsters with Angus Young and Bon Scott being morphed into one front man.
Some good tracks, but a bit like the same song played twelve times over. Good fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to watch it again? I'm also not sure where they go from here, (2nd album?) but may become a festival favourite.

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