Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer holiday, Hotel Yaramar, Fuengirola, Andalucia, August 2014

You really can't beat summer holidays and even if the temperature was punishing some days, 39C by day and little under 30C in the evening, it was a great 2 weeks at the Thomson Gold Hotel Yaramar on the southern Spanish coast in Fuengirola.

I've posted a full review on Trip Advisor.


a strange summer mist

the side streets at night

Hotel Yaramar

the pool

the hotel

the lifts

a glass or two

and a coffee...

...or two


Hard Rock Cafe, Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus

yachts aplenty

Rocking in Fuengirola

at Pogs Irish Rock Bar

outside the hotel...

...and outside the castle

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