Sunday, April 28, 2013

Absolva + Triaxis + Spiral Dive, Odin's Rock Club, Hilltop, Ebbw Vale, 26/04/13

It was a heavy, heavy night up at Odin's Rock Club, now relocated in the unlikely surroundings of the Sports and Social Club on the Hilltop estate in Ebbw Vale, with 4 acts of frantic riffage to entertain the faithful on a cold April evening.

Spiral Dive

I missed the first act, so 4 piece Spiral Dive were on by the time I got there.

Taking their cue from Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Zak Wylde's Black Label Society, they entertained the mainly seated crowd for 35 loud minutes, even giving us a burst of 'Symptom Of The Universe'.


Next up were Steel Daff favourites, Triaxis. With a triumphant Hammerfest appearance behind them, their fan base is growing, and so it should be with 2 fabulous Long Players out there (old school see), and motorway mileage which would put a travelling salesman to shame.

Frontwoman Krissie Kirby

Tonight they overcame some technical difficulties to deliver a 40 minute set based largely upon their latest output, Rage and Retribution - all bar 'Lies', although 'Sker Point' has been a set staple for some time. Namely, Sand and Silver, And Shadows Creep, Under Blood Red Skies etc.

Solo monster Glyn Williams

Pleasingly, Triaxis attracted the largest standing audience of the evening, and by the time 'Black Trinity' had left our ringing ears (complete with 'The Trooper' refrain), an appreciate reception was given.

Giles (drums), Owen (bass) and Glyn

The female front: CJ (guitar) and Krissie

Owen and Glyn


Headline act for the evening were Absolva. Formed from the ashes of Fury UK, Luke Appleton has moved on to be the bassist in Iced Earth, Absolva are stablemates of Triaxis on the Rocksector Record label. Brother Chris is the main man here and has formed a new act who combine material from their album, 'Flames of Justice' with material from Fury UK.

Absolva main man, Chris Appleton

Tom Atkinson and Chris

To be frank it was a disappointing crowd for such a good band, with several punters disappearing at around the 11 o'clock time that Absolva came on.

They certainly hit you hard, and their power could have filled a much bigger (and better) venue.

Bassist, Dan Bate

So with ears ringing, it was out into the cold of the mountain air, a balmy 2C in late April. Brrr.

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