Sunday, October 28, 2012

Triaxis, Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham, 26/10/12

I remember James Hetfield of Metallica fame striding the stage at the 1985 Monsters of Rock at Donington, and snarling; "if you want eye make up, spandex, and the words rock'n'roll baby in every song, then this ain't the band for you." (expletives deleted).
Well, Triaxis don't guarantee the absence of eye make up, but aren't really a spandex band and lyrically they're in tune with Hetfield's outlook in that you're more likely to hear, "putrid air floods my lungs" and "brainwash the callow and naiive" as part this five piece's verbal assault.
CJ, Krissie and Owen (and Glyn's hand)
Touring the UK to support their recently released "Rage and Retribution", Triaxis landed at Scruffy Murphy's Birmingham on this particular Friday and proceeded to blow away the dedicated gang who made their way down to the cellar.
The album is absolutely knockout, there are just no duffers on it. It's been brilliant received by the on line metal community and deservedly so.
Those of us who can remember buying Maiden's Powerslave in 1984 (at Spillers) will recall on early plays how it was all about the first two tracks (Aces and Two, you know it) but after several plays you learnt that it was all about the last two, and tonight in B'ham, it showed that R&R is similar in the respect that it's "The Butcher" and "Some Things Are Worth Dying For" which hit you hard live.

After local thrashers Eradikator had warmed up the venue, Triaxis delivered a high intensity one hour set containing the following:

Stand and Shiver
Under Blood Red Skies
Gates of Damnation
Sker Point
Some Things Are Worth Dying For (youtube - out of synch)
And Shadows Creep
The Infected (youtube)
The Butcher
Black Trinity (youtube)

 A bit of Giles on drums, Owen's hand and Glyn

Do I have a criticism? Yes, I do. Why didn't more of the people sat in the bar upstairs get off their back sides and pay £2 to watch 2 super bands? I just don't get it.

Great gig, could have done with more watching, but this is a seriously good band who need to be on more festival slots in 2013, a Download appearance is deserved and then a full supporting slot for a major act.

If you haven't seen them yet you really should. We'll certainly be back.

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