Monday, March 26, 2012

UFO, Bristol, 25/03/12

There are bands, there are good bands, and there are great bands, and UFO are a GREAT British rock band.

Deep Purple apart, I can't think of another band that I have more time or affection for. Great musicians, timeless classic tracks and all done with great performances.

Fronted by Phil Mogg, 64 next month, the outfit (with Andy Parker on drums, Vinnie Moore on lead guitar and Paul Raymond on rhythm/keyboards) have their genesis back in 1969, but only really established their credentials with 1974's Phenomenon, and then a series of hard rock opuses culminating the live "Strangers In The Night" which still forms the backbone of the set today.

It was yet another wonderful live show.

The Moggmaster

still a fine frontman

Set list

Mother Mary

Fight Night (you tube)


I'm A Loser

Saving Me

Burning Down Your House (you tube)

Only You Can Rock Me

Love to Love

Hell Driver


Too Hot To Handle

Lights Out

Rock Bottom

Doctor Doctor

Shoot Shoot

Vinnie Moore

Vinnie and the great Raymondo

UFO 2012 style

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