Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Answer, Steelhouse, Ebbw Vale, 14/10/11

Well, they were the biggest band yet to play the Steelhouse and it showed, as tickets for The Answer were sold out weeks in advance. And what a night they delivered.

First up were Gentlemen's Pistols, an impressive hard rocking foursome who looked as though they'd just been transported from a student demo in 1972. But looks are deceptive, as they played heavy and energetically, with influences from Budgie to ZZ Top to Kings of Leon and, yes, a little bit of Sabbath.

And then the main men. Now when you spent a year and a half on the road as support to AC/DC you will have played some pretty big gigs. Ebbw Vale 'Welfare' is no Madison Square Gardens, but with a new album out called "Revival", Northern Ireland's The Answer have done literally that and gone back to the grassroots roots in playing smaller gigs around the UK. All in all, it was a priviledge to have them at the Steelhouse.

With material drawn heavily from the new record, Revival got a major plug but it was the older material like Preachin' that brought the house down.


The Answer

Cormac Neeson...


Micky Waters on bass

Up close and personal

Paul Mahon

Watch the TV Cormac, we're watching the World Cup on that tomorrow!

In the pit...

...with the faithful

James Heatley on drums

Hanging with the band

Great blokes, great night, they deserve to play much bigger venues.

You tube clips to follow...

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