Monday, July 11, 2011

Roger Daltrey, Tommy, Newport Centre, 10/07/11

Not usually being of the kind to doff my cap to royalty, I must admit to changing my tune slightly when it comes to Rock Royalty, and in that category there don't come many more regal that the mighty Who singer Roger Daltrey, surely one of the definitive frontmen of the genre.

A war baby of 67 years, he still cuts a fine figure of a performer and a voice which, by his own admission, was under threat two years ago, but which now has the all clear to keep him singing, he says, until he's 80.

This, of course, was not The Who, the only connection being the presence of guitarist and key vocalist Simon Townsend (brother of), and the young band turned in a fine display.

Through the first half of the show, we had the full version of Tommy, in the 2nd half we had a selection of various odd'n'sods (did you get that?) including The Who classics;

I Can See For Miles

Behind Blue Eyes

Pictures Of Lily

Young Man Blues

Baba O Reilly

On reflection, you can get a little sad about these things. With Pete Townsend's deafless seemingly beyond repair and the 'other 2' long gone, you did get the feeling that it was a case of 'And Then There Was One' (that's for the Genesis fans), in that we may not see The Who again.

If not, let's enjoy Daltrey whilst we can.

There's pots more over on My You Tube Site.

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Marko said...

Thanks very much for posting your review, pictures and videos.
Shame for me that Roger on tours UK in Europe, so I can only catch his shows via YouTube.