Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fury UK plus Triaxis, Steelhouse, 20/05/11

Another excellent night at The Steelhouse (Ebbw Vale RFC) last Friday with (at last) some full on heavy metal from South Wales based Triaxis and main act Fury UK from Manchester.

In fact, I heard more Dave Murray riffs and Steve Harris bass lines in 3 hours than I would have done at an Iron Maiden soundcheck, but , hey, I'm not complaining.


First up were Triaxis, whose flyer quotes Priest, Megadeth and Testament as influences, and that's about right. To be honest, they're better than Testament, as a blistering 30 minute set proved when it went down a storm, topped off perfectly by a cover of Maiden's 'Wicker Man'.

Owen and Giles form a mean rhythm section, and Glyn's lead guitar is blistering, whilst the splendid guitar work of 'CJ' combined with dominant vocals of Krissie (pic) attracted the male attention. Check them out on myspace.

The excellent Triaxis

Fury UK

Fury UK (web) have established a good reputation in the rock world. Classic Rock rates them highly for example. They have 3 albums out, inclduing the latest, 'Way Of Life'.

They rocked hard and loud, and the three piece certainly pack a punch. Check them out (myspace)

Luke Appleton - bass

Chris Appleton - lead guitar and vocals

Next month, sees Catch The Rainbow, tribute band therein, at The Steelhouse. "Long Live Rock'N'Roll".

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