Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glamorgan Wanderers 27 Ebbw Vale 23

It may still be August, but the rugby season is under way, and it began with an extremely frustrating afternoon for Ebbw Vale at the Ely Memorial Ground.
A stunning first half display, masterminded by new half backs Andrew Jenkins and Gareth Bowen, saw Ebbw lead 23-0.
With Ebbw playing against the wind 2nd half, Wanderers upped the ante, and scored 27 unanswered points in a 30 minute spell.
There was much for the Ebbw faithful to be positive about, but an opening day away win was within grasp and would really have kickstarted the season.
1st half

The 1st half was spent almost entirely in the Wanderers half

Gareth Bowen test the wind before converting a penalty

Wanderers clear

2nd half

Ebbw pressure

New Ebbw captain Andrew Jenkins spins it out

There's a few clips over on my You Tube site.

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