Monday, July 13, 2009

England v Australia, Day 5, Cardiff

Well what a fantastic finish to a wonderful 5 days!

Firstly, many congratulations to everyone @ Glamorgan who made it such a special occasion. You are a credit to Glamorgan, Cardiff and Wales, reflected in the glowing praise showered upon the club by the international media.

Secondly, the cricket or the 'Great Escape'. A losing draw as club cricketers would call it, but a draw nonetheless and 0-0 in the series.

Thirdly, let's not hide the fact that Australia were a team of better cricketers who played better cricket. England will have to play a lot better to even draw this series, let alone win it, and that starts with certain batsmen.

Finally, it was a week in Cardiff I'll never forget, and one which I never thought I'd see. To be a part of thousands of people strolling through Bute Park towards a Test Match was an absolute priviledge. Fantastic.

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