Monday, June 22, 2009

UFO @ Bristol Academy 21st June 2009

40 years can be a long time as some of us know, but you wouldn't think it watching and listening to these wonderful veterans of British rock. Yet again UFO turned in a magnificent exhibition of high quality singing, playing and entertaining.

Yes, Phil Mogg is as mad as ever at 61 - wouldn't you be if you'd kept this vehicle running for since 1969? - but with a stunning back catalogue of 70s classics, a great banjo player in Vinnie Moore, and a sharp wit to match the sound quality, you really won't get a better 100 minutes for under £20.

UFO - still superb

Vinnie Moore and Phil Mogg

Set list

I can't remember it all, but there were 2 from the new album The Visitor,

plus Strangers In The Night staples:
Mother Mary
Too Hot Too Handle
I'm A Loser (my video clip)
This Kid
Shoot Shoot (my video clip)

and the big 5:

Only You Can Rock Me (my video clip)
Lights Out (my video clip)
Rock Bottom
Love To Love
Doctor Doctor.

Vinnie Moore - a superb addition to the band since 2002

Andy Parker thanks the crowd at the end

All in all - magnificent (and deserving of more than an audience of 600?).

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