Friday, May 22, 2009

Update and stuff

Not much to report.

Glamorgan got a 2nd win in the FPT - as the skipper said, it's the sort of win we used to see as routine. Now we get excited when we chase down 212 in 50 overs versus Derbyshire. Never mind, all wins boost confidence.

The 20/20 Cup starts on Monday - not my personal favourite, but hey it's got it's place. My main problem is not the cricket, but the crowds of neanderthal, cider swigging yobs it attracts who haven't got a clue about the game.

Of course, I'll be there!

Very quiet on the Ebbw front. Plenty of players seem to have gone as predicted, but not much news of what's coming in. Hmm, not optimistic for 2009/10.

On the gig front, I'm booked in for my third Hard Rock Hell, making it 100% attendance so far, at Pontins Prestatyn in December, joining a few Ebbw legends there.

Anyway, there we are.

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