Monday, October 13, 2008

Priest Feast

Amongst the better of the forthcoming tours of 2009, is the 'Priest Feast' triple header of Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament heading for the Cardiff International Arena next February.

I saw Testament about 20 years ago as a support band and I wasn't that impressed then. Two decades of speed riffing and double bass drums is unlikely to have changed my mind about them.

Megadeth are a different proposition, and are more of a 'thinking man's' metal act, with lyrics about social and political issues, as well as the more typical death and destruction. Slightly bizarrely, I'm sure I read that main man Dave Mustaine is a born again Christian these days and refuses to share a bill with bands he views as 'devil worshippers'.

Judas Priest (wiki) are long established as one of the pioneers of the genre and still put on a magnificent show.

They may look slightly ridiculous now as men of around 60 years of age in leathers and studs, but the reunification of Rob Halford with the rest of the band brought about the stunning Angel of Retribution album and tour of 2005.

I'm not quite convinced about the new but overlong Nostradamus concept album. There's certainly some great stuff on there, but it does make you pine for the days when albums were 20 minutes a side. Maybe it'll continue to grow on me.

That said, what we are really going there to hear are the classics which filled our heads some years ago. The videos may look ridiculous now (and camper than a row of tents - we didn't realise at the time but Rob Halford must have learnt a lot from Carry On films about double entre), but Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight will live on for many a year, even after the band finally call it a day - not likely any time yet.

Keep the ear plugs handy!

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